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SHE'S A KILLER QUEEN gunpowder GELATINE dynamite with a laser beam
(guaranteed to blow your mind)
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1st-Jan-2015 12:00 am - ooo | critiques
ஐcalling up my harem.

You know the drill, babies. ♥
7th-Aug-2010 12:00 am - ooo | profile
ஐi'm hot cause i'm fly.

character; Yamanaka Ino
series; Naruto
player; britt
email; chasingastarlight@gmail.com
canon; Chapter 450
arrival; January 23, 2009
residence; Building 3, apartment 23-24 aka the Ninjapartment

MOARCollapse )
22nd-Jul-2010 06:09 pm - o64 | video
ஐshit dude look out.
[ The video opens up on... dirt. Lots and lots of dirt. At least until the camera spins around and there--there's Ino's face, her eyes wide and confused and a little bit panicked. Her hair is falling out of its ponytail and her left cheek is streaked with dirt--she's definitely a little worse for the wear. ]


[ For a split second, she looks thisclose to crying, before inhaling and pursing her lips together. ]

What happened? Is this some sort of--curse? I don't remember how I...

[ She frowns suddenly, lifts a hand to her temple--her hands are covered in dirt. It takes her a moment to notice, but when she does, disgust flickers across her expression, and she turns her hand over, curling her fingers in so she can inspect her fingernails. ]

Ugh, my nails are hideous.
11th-Jul-2010 08:59 pm - o63
ஐaren't i awesome?
Well, this should be pretty interesting. This is what, the third time I've done this?

Oh, Shikamaru? I know you're out there.

[[ooc; I MADE IT. ಠ_ಠ ]]
22nd-Jun-2010 05:13 pm - o62
ஐi see what you did there.
[ deleted ]Collapse )

[ flagged to shotahouse (yuri, flynn, leon, ruca, rita, raven) | public ]Collapse )

[ flagged to yuri, flynn, euphie | public ]Collapse )

[ private to yuri | hackable ]Collapse )

Geez, it feels like I have a ton of stuff now. Would it be totally pointless to like, have a yard sale? You know, just without the yard, since I don't have one.

...I don't know if anybody would actually buy this stuff. I mean, a shougi board? Gross medical books? All orange clothes?

Guess I'll have to pack it all.
5th-Jun-2010 09:38 pm - o61
ஐcalling up my harem.
Alright, people, step right up, step right up! I have totally got the deal for you, ladies--and gentlemen, if that's how you roll. That's right--I've got not one, not two, but nine handsome guys just ready and waiting to show you a good time. A very good time, if you know what I mean.

Let's begin, alright?

Leon Magnus.Collapse )

Demyx.Collapse )

Tyki Mikk.Collapse )

Cain Hargreaves.Collapse )

Uchiha Sasuke.Collapse )

Hitachiin Hikaru + Hitachiin Kaoru.Collapse )

Yuri Lowell + Flynn Scifo.Collapse )

Alright, let the bidding begin!

[[ooc; Oh lord, backdated. ಠ_ಠ EDIT for Sasuke and Demyx oh god her harem grows.]]
20th-May-2010 04:57 pm - o60
ஐi see what you did there.
[ private | off-network ]Collapse )

[ message stuck to Yuri's door | visible to the network ]Collapse )

Hey, guys. It's been a while, huh? But summer's coming up, so I've been working a lot in the garden, getting things ready. And, you know, working or whatever.

Anyway, check it out.

Not bad, huh?
25th-Apr-2010 05:04 pm - o59
ஐa winner is me.
cut for length (hehehe) and implied mansex | not icly cutCollapse )

I'm thinking of expanding my resume to writing. Not bad, huh?
8th-Apr-2010 06:52 pm - o58
ஐthat's a huge one.
[ private | off-network ]Collapse )

So, it took me until like, the end of the day, but I finally found the picture I was looking for.

[ huge picture :( | not icly cut ]Collapse )

Not bad for an official team photo, huh? I tried to get Shikamaru to smile for once, but he was being an idiot. As usual. At least Chouji put down his bag of chips for five seconds, so he wasn't stuffing his face in the middle of my picture. And... well, it's a pretty good photo.

Anyway, I found some other... interesting photos. Really interesting. But, since I'm nice, you can have your pictures back if you want. Just give me a little description, you know, blah blah, and I'll see if I have it in my collection, okay?

[[ooc; Last minute curse post is last minute. Juuuuuust... tentatively sliding back in here. ;; I'm sorry for any dropped threads/tags in the past week or so, baw. If you want to say you picked up an Ino picture, here they are: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5]. :) ]]
28th-Mar-2010 06:45 pm - o57
ஐemo team is emo.

There's a legend about spider lilies, about two elves named Manju and Saka, who guarded the flowers and the leaves of the plant separately. One time, out of curiosity, they decided to meet up and instantly fell in love. So God punished them, decreeing that the flowers and the leaves of the spider lily shall never meet again, keeping Manju and Saka apart forever. That's why the leaves fall when the flowers bloom, and the flowers wilt when the leaves grow.

...It's kind of a sad legend, huh? Now, they say that spider lilies will bloom along the path of two people who will never see each other again. I guess that's why they're considered flowers of death, huh?

My spider lilies bloomed.

Anyway, we have a very important birthday today. No, not mine, but someone sort of close, just with less chest and more cats.

Go wish Forehead a very happy birthday, then tell me exactly where a hot seventeen-year-old girl can take her less hot, but freshly sixteen-year-old best friend. Preferably someplace that doesn't check IDs.
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